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Rajdeep Sardesai and Devendra Fadnavis are engaged in a tug of war on good governance.

Full text of Rajdeep’s reply to Devendra Fadnavis

Rajdeep Sardesai replies to Devendra Fadnavis' response in which the CM accused him of bias and pursuing a Leftist agenda against his government in Maharashtra.

‘RSS chief backed Emergency but Indira refused to meet him’

Former RSS chief Balasaheb Deoras quietly established a link with PM’s house and expressed strong support for many steps taken to enforce order and discipline.

Onion scam: Manish Sisodia exposes fake story by TV channel

Delhi Dy CM accused a Hindi news channel of running a fake story to defame the AAP govt under pressure from BJP and Modi government on onion prices.

Bihar polls: ‘Baby’ Rahul says ‘Feku’ Modi will usurp your land

Rahul said Modi would try to usurp farmers' land in Bihar. BJP said the grand-old party was reluctant to make him the president because of childish statements.

UK scribe asks ISI gen: Are you the terrorist US is looking for?

A group of scribes from Britain, India and Pakistan asks ISI General Durrani on Pakistan's misuse of aid money on sponsoring terrorism in India and elsewhere.

OROP will apply to veterans who opted for VRS too: Modi

Another area of disagreement between the govt and veterans still persists over constitution of the panel to look into all aspects of OROP and submit its report.
Ex-servicemen refuse to accept the govt offer on OROP and promise to continue their agitation.

Govt accepts OROP, why are ex-servicemen complaining then?

Ex-servicemen who took voluntary retirement, about 40% of whole, will not be entitled to OROP, says govt as veterans declare they will continue the protest.

Modi Vs Nitish: Who is lying? Socialites express themselves

Following Modi's speech and reactions by Lalu and Nitish today, we bring to you how people were responding an year ago to the same drama before Lok Sabha polls,

No more promulgation of land ordinance: Modi in Mann Ki Baat

Among others, PM Modi expressed happiness that the agitation by Patels in Gujarat for quota in jobs and education was settled in a day even as he praised them.

Now Jats want quota in jobs and education, threaten stir

Previous Hooda govt in Haryana had in 2013 accorded special backward class status to Jats which was stayed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court last month.