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Onion scam: Manish Sisodia exposes fake story by TV channel


Dy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia accused a Hindi news channel of running a fake story to defame the AAP government. A TV channel had earlier run a story which said the Kejriwal govt bought onions from Nashik at Rs. 18 and sold at higher prices.

The truth is that Delhi govt never bought onions from Nashik. A month ago, the onions were purchased from a central government agency called SFAC (Small Farmers Agro Business Consortium), at a price of Rs. 32.86. It was the SFAC which had bought onions at Rs. 18 from Nashik and sold them to AAP government at Rs. 32.86 per kg, adding local transportation cost of Rs. 3 and another Rs. 4 as commission to local vendors, bringing the cost to Rs. 40. AAP govt sold onions to people of Delhi at Rs 40 per kg first and later revised the price to Rs. 30, offering a subsidy of Rs. 10.

Sisodia said all the papers were available with the concerned department, but no attempt was made to cross check the facts and the story was run as a part of a campaign to defame the Delhi government under pressure.