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The biggest problem of India is neither corruption nor terrorism but “I hate politics”. If you stop taking active interest in politics, democracy can not survive. In democracy, you elect a government you deserve. If you wish a stable, honest and competent government, you must elect someone who deserves to represent you. That is possible only if you take informed decision.

Get to know all about Indian politics, elections in India for parliament and assemblies, conduct of elected representatives, system of governance, electoral reforms and measures to eradicate social evils. Pollupdates.com brings to you latest news, updates, highlights, videos and discussion forums on topics of national interest without any bias or allegiance to any political party. It is our constant endeavour to improve our service with a small team of editorial resources and media professionals, based in the national capital region. For suggestions, advertisement and any other option please write to us at editor@pollupdates.com.

Take time out to contribute towards nation building the way you do it for your family and friends, and join the movement to make India a vibrant democracy. Elect a government you deserve!