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UK scribe asks ISI gen: Are you the terrorist US is looking for?


In a group interaction, a gathering of students and scribes from Britain, India and Pakistan ask ISI General Durrani a number of questions on misuse of aid money to sponsor terrorism in India and elsewhere. So much so, one asks him: “Are you the terrorist US is looking for?”

The Pakistani General seems to have no clue how to justify the nefarious designs Pakistan has been pursuing so far against its neighbouring country of India. Even as the ISI chief runs for cover to reply to many such awkward questions including why successive governments have failed to protect its soil from being misused by terrorists, audience blames Pakistan Army for pursuing hatred towards India on the Kashmir issue.

They say the intelligence wing first creates terrorists and fails to wrest control over them subsequently. Even the government came under severe criticism for its role US attack on Afghanistan when General Parvez Musharraf was the nation’s President.