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Must-watch video: What Pakistan youth truly think of India


It may sound unbelievable. But it’s true. In a must-watch video, a student from the Jamait-ul-Ulum Islamia, Karachi sheds light on how successive governments in Pakistan have misled the youth in particular.

He also took former President General Parvez Musharraf to task for betraying the nation, democratic system of governance and creating unrest by ruining the country’s democratic system of governance.

The brave heart compares Pakistan with India, a country born one day later, amid thunderous applause in a summit on national integration. Gen Musharraf who was also present on the dais, was embarrassed to face the truth as the student minced no words in exposing his double standard.

Accusing Musharraf of working against the interest of the nation, the student blasted at the former Army chief for creating a culture of grabbing power in military establishment whose prime duty is to protect the nation from evil forces.