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Modi says Sonia fears to pitch Rahul as PM candidate.

Modi elected BJP Parliamentary Party leader

In his maiden visit to the Parliament, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi went one step ahead to become the next Prime Minister of India.
Manmohan Singh

Rahul skips Sonia’s farewell dinner for PM

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was absent from a dinner hosted by party chief Sonia Gandhi for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday...
Exit polls suggest Narendra Modi is all set to become India's next prime minister.

‘PM Modi’ hallmarked on invites

INDORE: After sweating it out in the heat and dust of elections, Bharatiya Janata Party workers have started preparing invites for Narendra Modi's coronation...
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee accuses the Election Commission of bias.

Mamata would have sent ‘donkey’ Modi to jail

After calling Modi a 'donkey', Mamata said had she been in power at the Centre, she would have sent him to jail with a rope tied around his waist.
Narendra Modi and his wife Jessoben had separated from each other soon after their marriage.

The forgotten half of Narendra Modi

While Modi and his party are spending hundreds of crores of rupees for media slots, Jashodaben and family are struggling to avoid attention.
India is celebrating fourth National Voters Day on January 25, 2014.

Voting begins, EVM ‘transfers’ all votes to Congress

Voting began for 121 Lok Sabha seats Thursday morning as the process was stalled for some time in Pune following an EVM transferred all votes to Congress.
Modi recounts the pain and agony of the 2002 riots in his blog.

Hang me if I am guilty but no apology: Modi on riots

In a masterstroke, Modi dared his opponents to probe allegations against him in the Gujarat riots and hang him in public if there is even a grain of truth.
Ram Vilas Paswan endorses Narendra Modi as the PM candidate of NDA.

Poll suggests clear majority to NDA for first time

NEW DELHI: Bolstered by a strong wave in favour of BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi in north India, the safforn party-led NDA looks set...
Manmohan Singh addressing his third press conference as PM.

Sonia was real power centre not Manmohan: Book

As per a book written by prime minister Manmohan Singh's former media adviser during the UPA-1, the PM seemed to have had little authority over his own Cabinet.
AAP leader Kumar Vishwas says he will contest from Amethi against Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Muslim groups want Kejriwal to expel Kumar Vishvas

Vishvas called RSS a disciplined force in response to a question on "AAP leaders behaving like urban Naxalites" in a TV interview recently.