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Why Kejriwal failed in 49-day rule, asks AAP cadre


NEW DELHI: Even as the AAP says it is ready for Assembly elections in Delhi and most of its sitting MLAs will contest this time too, dissent is growing in the party over tickets.

Volunteers with political ambition, eyeing for party tickets, have been venting their anger in the open while some of them have taken the battle to online platforms including social media which were floated by party sympathizers.

Arun Saxena, president of Cliffton Apartment Association, has recently posted a message in www.localcircles.com Aam Aadmi Party Delhi/NCR circle, asking party leadership to reply to issues that will certainly haunt the party in the elections ahead.

Saxena says he has been meeting old AAP supporters here & there, who have left the party because they feel Kejriwal too is manipulating, and has secret Agenda. He

was not able to reply to their questions, and trying to put it across to this group for consideration:

* Why Sheela Dixit was not prosecuted during 49 day’s regime for the Common Wealth Ghotala?
* Why Kejriwal contested against Modi, and not against Sonia Gandhi who ruined the country for so many years?
* Why AAP contestant withdrew against Salman Khurshid at last minute, who looted money of crippled people?
* Why he sat on Dharna when he was the CM?
* He promised 50% electricity reduction & free water, but on becoming CM he imposed conditions, limiting quantity etc.
* Why he didn’t set a target to Water Works Deptt to install connections with new meters broadening the number of users?
* There are many more similar questions, and I feel that Kejriwal should meet up we people to explain these points so that we can explain to general people.

“I am sure people of Delhi shall give just one more/last chance to AAP in the forthcoming Delhi elections to perform, and if we fail this time, then our party shall

vanish for ever. Any new party shall not be trusted by people for the next 2 decades due to bad experience from AAP. Thus, my humble submission is that AAP should

initiate the process of selection of capable candidates, and highlight their strengths, and inform to the people comparing with contestants of other parties.”

“I had written a note earlier suggesting that Kejriwal should become the King Maker/the head of AAP Sanghthan, and should not contest elections. He should confine to

selecting the most deserving people to contest elections on party’s behalf, then only this party shall survive otherwise the chances of survival are remote. That note

of mine has been withdrawn by the moderator, which shows there is no democracy, and the organizers don’t want to hear the truth,” Saxena said further in the message.