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10 Lakh Ka Suit Dikha Raha Tha, Muffler Wale Ne Nipta Diya


Following the landslide victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, a cartoon has been making rounds of social media. The cartoon displays US President Barack Obama as a character who is making fun of India PM Narendra Kumar Modi as his party was decimated by a two-year old AAP.

As an Indian, I feel provoked. Like me, there must be crores of Indians who may not appreciate a cartoon on a US President making fun of an Indian PM, irrespective of issues. On the other hand, many will agree on the message the cartoon conveys and sums up the mood of Delhi well.

PM Modi dubbed Arvind Kejriwal a Naxalite, called him an anarchist, bhagoda (someone who ran away from his responsibility), making lies and misguiding the people of Delhi.

He laughed at a party which could claim a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for losing security deposits of maximum number of candidates in an election, dared to challenge BJP which is on the verge of making history to have highest number of members.

The PM led the election battle from the front. His party president took up the charge of election management. Two dozens Union Ministers, Chief Ministers of BJP-ruled states, hundreds of MPs and senior leaders were actively engaged in the campaigning. Nevertheless, the party could manage only three seats in the 70-member House.

What went wrong for BJP? Their high-handedness in only eight months did not go well with the public. People preferred a humble 5’2″ man to the high and mighty. It was his honesty and truthfulness that won people’s trust. They felt all was not over with Kejriwal and his group of young social activists. They can deliver if get one more chance.

It was the same public which was not willing to disbelieve that politics has no space for common man. But the Delhi verdict proved it wrong, and once again restored the faith in the system. I hope Kejriwal and his government will leave no stone un-turned to fulfill all they had promised in the run-up to the polls.