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Modi murders democracy, to rule Delhi through LG


NEW DELHI: In the guise of ending the turf war between the LG and CM of Delhi over transfer of officials, the Union government issued a notification on Friday, reversing Advani’s order in 1998, that only the Lieutenant Governor has the authority to transfer government officials of Central cadre.

As a result, the Delhi government now can not choose officers of choice to key positions since most of those require officers of Central cadre like AGMU, IPS, DANICS and DANIPS, the decision deals a big blow to CM Kejriwal’s camp. Even the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Delhi Government will cease to have any jurisdiction on them.
This will certainly curtail the anti-corruption drive of the Aam Aadmi Party government.

Friday’s notification overturned the decision made by senior BJP leader LK Advani who was the Union Home Minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee Cabinet in 1998. Advani had then ruled that an individual (read LG), appointed by the Union Government, should not supersede a democratically elected government.

AAP leaders condemned the decision, accusing Modi of trying to rule Delhi through LG, adding Modi murdered democracy by this order.