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My attitude, my life despite my disability!


I am who I am.
I’m weird, I’m quadriplegic and may appear uncanny to many.
I spill food, I trip and I get irritated & scream about silly, stupid things.
But that’s how I am.. just can’t help it.

I believe.. the purpose of life is to live it.
To experience it to the utmost, to reach out eagerly
For newer, richer experiences.. more and more.
Life, after all, is a daring adventure or nothing at all.

I am independent in my own way…
I love roaming in a market & shop on my own.
While others use their limbs to get things done
I use my gadgets & attendants for the same purpose.

I never let what I can’t do..
To interfere with what I can.
But the sad thing about most people’s attitude is
They see my disability before they see me.

Disability is a matter of perception
There’s a purpose & value to every life, I believe
I’m not much concerned with your liking or disliking me
All I ask is to respect me just as a human being.

Yes I am a strong person
But, every now and then..
I also need someone to take my hand
And say everything will be alright.

I am a human being after all
I also have a desire to be trusted and loved
Will assure my lifelong commitment & loyalty
To someone who just chooses to come along.

– Jitendra K Biswal