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PM Modi promises to scrap 1300 outdated laws at Mathura rally


MATHURA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off the ‘mass contact programme’ from Mathura on Monday as his government completes one year in office. Listing a number of achievements of the one-year-old NDA government, Modi said he has removed several outdated laws and will do this to 1300 laws more in the coming days.

“In the coming days I will scrap 1300 laws,” the prime minister said, adding “I will not be Pradhan Mantri (prime minister) but Pradhan Santri (prime guard).”

Taking a jibe at the Congress party and its newly energised vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Modi said his rule of one year has been without a single charge of corruption and his government is committed for development of the nation and uplift standard of living of the poor.

Raising the plight of farmers, the PM said about 300,000 farmers have killed themselves since Independence while his government is dedicated to them amid thuderous clapping from thousands of supporters who gathered to listen to him despite the soaring summer of 45 degrees celcius.

“Farmers will get as much urea as they want, when they want. We don’t have to do politics on this issue but we must understand that an Indian has died. Farmers are facing a lot of issues,” PM Modi said.