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Modi govt repeals 125 obsolete laws; 945 more to go


NEW DELHI: For the first time since 2001, the Union Government has repealed about 125 obsolete laws and promises to do more.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had revealed in Mathura on eve of completion of one year in office, that his government was going to remove about 1300 such laws.

As per data of Law Ministry, 125 outdated laws have been removed with passage of two bills in Parliament recently. Two more bills are pending for approvals which will ensure removal of another 945 such laws.

“We have identified 1,871 more laws which have lost relevance today. We plan to bring bills to get them repealed,” Secretary, Legislative Department in the Law Ministry, Sanjay Singh said.

PM Modi says such laws are making hurdles on developmental path and are “hindering efficient governance”.