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15 promises by MufflerMan to win Delhi’s youth, will he succeed?


NEW DELHI: MufflerMan Arvind Kejriwal has shortlisted a number of promises to win the support of youth in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections. However, it remains to be seen how far he succeeds with stacks loaded against him.

The AAP chief and new-found superhero of India, as called by his supporters, was undoubtedly the darling of youth nine months ago. However, a lot has changed since then. With popularity of BJP leader and PM Narendra Modi at its peak, he will certainly find it unexpectedly tough this time round.

Here are the 12 key promises made by Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party to Delhi’s youth who will go to vote in February next, almost one year after the young crusader against corruption quit as Delhi CM after his failure to bring the Janlokpal legislation.

Kejriwal has confessed it was a big mistake in his part to resign as the CM, and has promised not to repeat.

  1. Twenty new colleges, double seats in 70 existing colleges
  2. To create 800,000 job openings, 55,000 government job posts to be filled
  3. Professional training for ten lakh youth
  4. Lowest VAT for Delhi in country
  5. Open all the 29 industrial areas with best facilities
  6. Delhi to become drugs free
  7. Free WiFi for whole Delhi
  8. Education loan with admission
  9. No leaders/netas in sports and education administration
  10. Youth adopted for free education and international training in sports
  11. 4000 school grounds opened for youth sports and training
  12. e-Rickshaw to be restarted
  13. New stadiums will be made
  14. Villages offering land will have colleges and stadiums
  15. Colleges will have incubation centres