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Kejriwal to blame for all went wrong in Delhi for one year?


NEW DELHI: PM Modi blames the Aam Aadmi Party and its chief Arvind Kejriwal for all that went wrong in Delhi in last one year. The city is under Central rule since Kejriwal resigned as the CM. Modi assumed power seven months ago. His government administers Delhi’s finance. Delhi Police is under his control. The Lt Governor of Delhi is the representative of the Centre.

Who is to blame for the fall of AAP govt? The party was born from a movement against corruption, the Janlokpal movement. Going by today’s politics, a party born three months ago became the second largest party after BJP. Why BJP refused to form government after invitation from the LG? Didn’t BJP run away from its responsibility and cheated on the people of Delhi who voted for the party?

BJP had then argued they won’t form a government until they got majority. They do not run after power and prefer to sit in opposition than running a minority government. If that was the case, why BJP staked claim to form govt in Maharashtra after failing to clinch majority? What was even worse is BJP assumed power with help from a party which it was calling “National Corrupt Party” only a fortnight ago. What changed its mind within a fortnight?

Should Kejriwal and AAP be blamed for lack of governance in Delhi?

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BJP emerged as the second largest party in Jammu and Kashmir. Why the party has been trying desperately to form government in the state then?

After results were declared for the last Delhi Assembly elections, BJP CM candidate Dr Harsh Vardhan charged at Kejriwal on TV channels and Twitter for refusing to form government despite Congress support. The same person today joined his party leaders in condemning Kejriwal to form government in Delhi with support of Congress.

Almost the entire media and a large section of people from all professions were urging AAP leaders to accept unconditional support from Congress and form government. Pressured by people form all walks of life, the party agreed to consider the proposal and decided to go to people’s court to take the final call. If people of Delhi overwhelmingly expressed support to form a government, is it fair to ridicule Kejriwal for abiding by their decision and make fun of him suggesting the person does not even care for his children? Should politicians be so insensitive just because they belong to a rival party?

AAP also committed a number of mistakes in 49-day rule. They did well on some other aspects too. They could have done better had they continued. Their high ambition could be the reason behind their fall. But they did not steal public money, unlike others.

In democracy, you elect a government you deserve! If AAP does not deserve, public will reject them. But does that mean Kejriwal should be blamed for all that went wrong in Delhi for last one year? We will love to know your opinion.