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A hung Assembly or beginning of a new era?


NEW DELHI: Polling is over. The high turnout in Delhi, following the same in other four states that went to polls earlier, makes all happy.

Especially to those never leave an opportunity to make their displeasure known saying rich and educated do not vote and allow rogues to rule.

Fortunately that may end soon. People even from posh colonies who seldom vote, went in large number and waited for their turn in long queues to exercise their franchise, for the first time after Delhi got statehood.

Most of the electorate interpret the turnout to be a result of the triangular fight between Congress, BJP and the Aam Admi Party. But what will happen if no party gets a clear majority.

Top leaders from Congress and BJP claim the support to AAP was artificial and won’t turn into votes. But few are willing to buy them

Even the exit polls post elections suggested BJP would certainly win Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In Chhattisgarh and Delhi, BJP has the edge and may form governments too.

However, the body language of electorate demonstrating support to the rookie AAP on TV channels as polling was going on in full swing Wednesday, suggest differently. It may be a mistake to under estimate AAP. Most of the people believe strongly that only AAP can bring in the change they desire in the new government.

Whether Dr Harsh Vardhan or Arvind Kejriwal becomes the next chief minister, one thing is certain that Congress rule under Sheila Dikshit has come to an end.

Since AAP has made clear before the polls that it would not enter into any agreement with either of Congress and BJP, who will form the government if no party clinches majority? Will it be fair to force another election within six months? Wait and watch…